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Professor for Digital Business & Data Science


Vice-Rector Research

University of Applied Sciences Europe

Hamburg, Germany


Data Science is about enhancing the understanding of social and economic processes through data. The results from data should start discussions and further considerations - they are not the end. In my research I use data in simulation research. Connecting data with simulation provides the opportunity to analyse scenarios beyond observations, identify interdependencies in processes, and derive theory.

Simulation Model Analysis

Agent-based simulation offers excellent possibilities to investigate alternative behavioral strategies and interaction processes within the framework of economic theories. However, valid simulation analysis requires more standardized and systematic approaches.This project contributes to the improvement of the reliability of simulation research so that modeling and theory formation becomes a success...

Dark Data

Worldwide we collect far more data than we can process. Large amounts of so-called "dark data" therefore slumber in our servers. New perspectives and the continuous development of new analysis methods direct our attention to dark data, which can also reach far into the past. This leads to many fears, but also holds great potential - not only from a business perspective...

Team Cognition

Little is known about the interaction processes of team decisions and particularly the emergence of knowledge from individual to team level. This project addresses this process by analyzing team cognition as an emergent property. Through laboratory experiments we analyze the interaction processes (e.g., change of arguments) and patterns from individual to team cognition. The team cognition structures are then implemented and further analyzed in agent-based simulation models...

Teaching Portfolio


Languages: Python, R, Java


Statistics and Stochastics

Math in digital Technologies


Understanding Complexity through Data and Simulation 


Agent-based Simulation

Monte-Carlo Simulation


Thesis Colloquium

Scientific Writing


Algorithms & Data Structure

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University of Applied Sciences Europe, Museumstraße 39, 22765 Hamburg


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